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There is a quota of 3GB of mailbox storage. Older mail should be archived to your local computer to avoid exceeding the quota. If the quota is exceeded, no mail will be accepted for delivery and you will not be able to send any new mail. You will receive a warning email if you are starting to reach the quota, at which point you should immediately work to delete or archive older emails.

Your "Trash" folder is just that, it is not for archiving messages you want to save for later. Our system automatically purges all main in your Trash folder older than 30 days. Mail deleted from the Trash folder is NOT recoverable by any means.

There is a maximum message size of 20MB per email. If your attachment is larger that 20MB, your email will not be delivered. If the receiving mail server has smaller limitations it will also not get delivered.

There is a maximum of 300 emails that can be sent in a 24 hour period. If this threshold is exceeded any new mail being sent will not be delivered, and will not be queued. They will be permanently deleted. If you require sending more than 300 emails per day, we suggest you use a commercial mailing list provider such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact. Some have a free tier that allow sending larger quantities of email. Mailchimp for example offers a free package that allows up to 10,000 emails per month (at the time of this writing).

There is also a limitation of 300 emails per day inbound to your account. Any mail over this threshold will be bounced and not delivered.

You can use any email software with our High Speed Internet service. You can also retrieve email on your tablet or smart phone. You may also access your mailbox using our Web interface: https://webmail.cyg.net using your email address and password.

Any email account that has not been accessed in 6 months will be disabled - no mail in or out. You will need to call support in order to have it re-activated.

Any email account that has not been accessed in 12 months will be automatically deleted. Once deleted, any mail left on the server will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered by any means.


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